journey of loss

My Grandpa once said, ‘man will destroy the world before God does.’ Hard words for a young child to understand and believe.  Sadly, his words have become too real.

Please explain to me, how did we get on this path of destruction…this journey of loss.

Kase hand


I just don’t understand. Please. Please explain to me why we are arguing over which bathroom to use when we have children whose shoes are so worn they sometimes fall while walking in our school hallways. And if you can’t fathom this…ask a teacher.

So, please tell me…..please explain to me why our children are hungry and many are being torn away from their homes to stay in foster homes. Others, living with aunts, uncles, grandparents–and sometimes, even alone.


flowers and fence

Please…someone explain to me why our children are being abused, neglected. Sold into slavery and their innocence being literally ripped to pieces.

Hurting.  Abused. Neglected. Children.

This is a plea for our children. And I call them our children because God gave them all to us as gifts. Precious Gifts. Not just as parents, but as caregivers, as a protective wing, someone who cares, loves and provides for them.

As we get older, we realize our promise of tomorrows are fewer than yesterday.  But our children and grandchildren, they will have tomorrows. And I ask these questions, ‘What will we do? Will we open our hearts and shout with boldness, enough is enough?  Or will our children’s tomorrows be destroyed because we didn’t take care of them today?’



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