“X” marks the spot

Just promise me you’ll sit in my lap until you are ten years old.  That’s all I ask. And he answered, okay–in his sweet voice.

He’s turning four years old.

I watch him sometimes as he draws, in the quiet.  This little artist, he draws roads. He draws race tracks. And lately his favorite thing to draw is an “X”.  The first time I saw him draw an “X”, he yelled “X” marks the spot.  So proud, and he laughed.


So, “X” marks the spot.  I ask my daughter where he learned this “X” marks the spot and she said from the cartoon, Dora. She and her friends use a map to locate a certain object or place.  And when they find it on their map they yell, “X marks the spot”  and then they are off on their adventure.

The “X”, it’s a focus point.   It is the final destination. It is the treasure.

On this particular afternoon I was driving home and saw where two planes had made an “X” in the sky and I stopped and took a photo and sent it to my daughter.  I ask her to show it to Kase, and say “X marks the spot”!  And when he saw it, she said he smiled and said in a loud voice, ‘x’ marks the spot!



A few weeks later my daughter sent me a photo and this message–“On my way to work this morning. “X” marks the spot.  We’ve been noticing them a lot since Kase got on his kick. And the ones we have seen are marking heaven. “

And the message was so clear. You know why God gave that to Kase and he shares it with us–it keeps our hearts looking up. And this, this is the only treasure map we will ever need.

Never doubt that some of our most powerful messages from God will come from the heart of a child. 

 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matthew 6:21




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