A week of thanks: the Saturday Gratitude Journal

She walked into the waiting room, her body reeked of tired and her uniform of morning food stains.  She sat down beside the gentleman who was waiting—waiting for his wife to come through the door and tell her husband the latest medical updates, her new prescriptions.

‘Where do you work at?’ he ask as she sat with her arms clinched tightly around her purse in her lap–not that she was afraid he might take it from her.  It’s just what we women do sometimes.  We all know women hold these secret treasures in their purses–things we need or can’t do without you know.



“I work at McDonald’s,” she said.  “Thirty-four years I have worked there. And I work at the supermarket a few hours a week.  I’m trying to get caught back up from when I was out for my surgery.’

And the conversation went on about puppies and children and things pleasant.

Thirty-four years she has served others.  With Happy Meals, french fries, Big Macs, large sweet teas, bagging groceries.  And I wonder just how many times someone has offered her a word of kindness, a gentle thank you.


And this week I am thankful for….

Hearing this lady’s story and her service.  And for everyone who serves day in and day out. All too often, we take you for granted and for that, I am truly sorry.  

Pink clouds 

Seeing parents with their children shopping for school supplies

The beauty of a walk in the woods


New beginnings

Remembering my Daddy’s voice on the phone when he said bye.  I could always hear his smile.  

The power to change with God’s help

Our military and their families 


Purple flowers

Memories intertwined with songs

Unanswered prayers

Yes, another week has past and the month of August is ticking away.  And God has blessed, more than we deserve. And in the coming days I am going to diligently try to say thank you more–to God–first and foremost; and to those who daily serve others and myself.

I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works. Psalm 9:1 (KJV) 










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