A week of thanks: the Saturday Gratitude Journal—School.Starts.Monday

School starts Monday.  That’s worth repeating.  School. Starts. Monday.

There’s a lot that can be said about the beginning of a new school year.  Churches providing meals for staff meetings and the offering of prayers for the upcoming school year.  School supplies collected. Excitement. Tears. First last days for high school seniors.  First last days for the teacher who is retiring soon.  And I think one of the hardest, the first days of many first days.  First day of kindergarten.  First day of middle school. First day of high school.  First day of being the new kid in school.  And first day of a new teacher, principal.


And parents it’s hard. I know.  And I remember how difficult the part of ‘preparing’ my children for the beginning of a new school was, but what I often overlooked was this—others were readying themselves for my children too.

Our teachers—preparing their rooms with new bulletin boards with encouraging notes and colorful photos.  Lesson plans upon lesson plans to ensure every single student in the classroom have the opportunity to learn in a safe, clean, and fun environment, attending countless summer workshops increasing their knowledge and then sharing in the coming year. Club advisors. Committees and more committees. These are our teachers.


Our principals and administrators—hiring and mentoring new teachers, many preparing to take on new leadership at different schools, attendance at summer workshops and professional development, and the list goes on.


Our athletic coaches—and like many school staff there are no summers off for our school’s athletic coaches.  Summer sports camps for our youth. Summer camps and workouts for prospective players and current athletes.  And the never-ending maintenance and upkeep of the sports fields.


Our bus drivers, bus garage staff, school maintenance staff and cafeteria staff—Meetings and training, repairs, installations of new equipment, every single bus inspected, cleaned, and shined.

Our custodial staff—and this week I have watched as the custodial staff along with many staff members at one of our local high schools have cleaned and walls and doors and stair railings now have a fresh coat of paint.  Every light fixture has been disassembled and rid of any visible dead bugs.  The buildings and sidewalks—pressure washed.  And landscaping, bushes trimmed, grass mowed, weeds pulled.


And some may say, well, this is their job—but for the majority, it is their passion.

This week I am thankful for…….


Principals and administrators

Athletic coaches

School counselors, school social workers, school nurses and all student services staff


Cafeteria staff

Bus Drivers

Teacher Assistants

Media specialists

School administrative staff

School receptionists

School data managers

School finance managers

And so many others who work with our children

School starts Monday. Alarms will sound earlier, buses will be on the roads, there will be Mamas and Daddies shedding tears as their little ones walk away, some so excited they forget to tell their parents good-bye, Friday night football and other sporting events, homework, and the car lines will go on forever.

And in the noise and busyness of all the new school year brings, never forget to remember—our schools are filled with individuals who truly care about our children. Every. Single.Day.

                 Pray without ceasing

                 1 Thessalonians 5:17  






One thought on “A week of thanks: the Saturday Gratitude Journal—School.Starts.Monday

  1. No one could have said this any better ! Educators today need so much more from the politicians who devalue and ignore their needs . One thing is very evident to me is that all educators have an unending love for their students and desire the best for them in the present and the future !


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