…hard thanks: The Saturday Gratitude Journal

I am counted among the numbers now.

According to the U.S. Breast Cancer Statistics, in 2018 an estimated number of 63,960 women will be diagnosed with non-invasive breast cancer.  (breastcancer.org).

I once heard Pam Tebow, mother of Tim Tebow speak to an audience of women about the importance of giving thanks.  She told the story of how she was walking near a construction site and a piece of debris fell on her head. Her next memory was waking up in a hospital.  And she said of this experience, ‘this was not something I had planned and it was difficult but according to God’s word we are to give Him thanks–in everything.  So I am thankful He allowed this piece of construction debris to hit me on my head.’

In every thing give thanks.


_DSC0008 (2).JPG

My cancer diagnosis–on a scale of 0 to 4, I am at a zero, the beginning stages.  And in next few days I will have out-patient surgery, a lumpectomy to remove the area followed by six weeks of daily radiation treatments–30 minutes per day, five days a week. If all goes well with the surgery on Friday, I will be back at work on Monday. And my follow-up treatments can be scheduled around my work on most days. And unlike chemotherapy, there are fewer and less severe side effects to radiation treatments.

In every thing give thanks.

_DSC0089 (2).JPG


And this year I will hit a milestone birthday–never had any type of surgery, no medications so to speak.  Three overnight stays in the hospital, two of those–I brought my beautiful babies home.  The other was a one-night stay while I was in high school.  A. Long. Time. Ago. So to say God has blessed me with good health thus far is an understatement and a huge blessing.

I can’t begin to write the ways in which God has prepared me for this.  How I can look back over the past few months of yesterdays and see how He provided for today and the days to come.

And this week as with any week I have so much to be thankful for…..

My grand baby boy Wyatt celebrating his first birthday. 

Praying friends 

My daughter and son-in-law celebrating birthdays

Coconut Fudge Ice Cream

Pink ribbons 

My family

Birds at the feeder

Sweet tea with crushed ice

My church family

My cancer diagnosis 

Before the month of January ended my baby brother was rushed to the hospital and he fought hard to live.  And after he was released from the hospital he was placed on a strict diet, daily insulin shots, and other medication. Today, seven months later his diet is not as strict and he is completely off insulin.  When I explained to him about my cancer diagnosis, I told him I had nothing to complain about or feel pity for myself.  And what he said next humbled me to the core–‘if you think about it, no matter what, none of us have reason to complain.’

In every thing give thanks.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1 Thessalonians 5:8












3 thoughts on “…hard thanks: The Saturday Gratitude Journal

  1. As life passes, it is the moments such as these, we pause and know the worth, of our blessings. Tathel, my heart is filled with thankfulness and joy as you share this news. The Good Lord, through your journey, is leading us all to bended knees in thanks, for the gift of answered prayers. As to the coming days and weeks, know you are being held close, not only in His arms but in the hearts of all who know and love you. I always feel closer to heaven through your words, your photos…My prayers and love, always


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