61 Days

I’ve heard it said, ‘I can’t wait until 2020 is over. Done.’

But how is it we wish our days away when every precious moment of life is an undeserved gift?

October is ending tomorrow. The calendar turns one more page and sixty-one days remain in the year 2020.

It’s been a hard year.

2020 will be written in history as the year of the pandemic.  The year of the quarantine. The year of COVID. The year when our church doors closed.  The year our schools and businesses closed. The year where our loved ones were in hospitals and nursing homes alone—and there, many died alone. The year where kindness seemed almost foreign and the year where the problems of this divided nation could not be discussed in a civil manner, but where people went straight for the juggler in hatred and criticism. 

 The year 2020 will also be remembered as one where families spent more time together.  Children played outside more.  Teachers taught in empty classrooms. And it was a year where parents and grandparents gained a whole new respect for their children’s teachers and when a high school student said, ‘I hate this mask. But if I get to come to school, I will gladly wear it.’  

Many worked from home and meetings were held virtually. People planted more gardens–preserved more food.  We watched church services on computer screens and children and adults were still giving their hearts to Jesus. And His kingdom grew in numbers. Our essential workers, they worked tirelessly serving others. Our healthcare–nurses and doctors–tired and overworked—they not only served and worked as health care workers—they became family to their patients.

Sixty-one days.

So how is it we plan to spend the last sixty-one days of this hard, crazy, heartbreaking, sometimes overwhelming year of 2020? 

We have a choice, you know. And no, not one of us is promised the breath of another moment–another day. But that doesn’t mean we don’t plan for tomorrows.

Are we going to lean in closer to His grace and mercy–count our blessings? Love one another deeper? Pray more? Listen more than we speak? Live together more united than divided? Give more? Be the hands and feet of Jesus more?

November 1st–the last sixty-one days of 2020 begins. And what if we could give thanks TOGETHER. What if everyday when we wake to another sunrise, we thank God for another day. What if everyday we take more time to notice. What if everyday we take more time to say hello and smile through masks. What if everyday we intentionally look for ways where we can give more. What if everyday before our eyes close in sleep, we reach for a pen and paper and write down three things or more that we are thankful for. And what if in the next 61 days we reach more for His word, rather than for our remotes and cell phones.

For sixty-one days. What if?

What if we could all just join hearts, and give thanks, TOGETHER.

If you would like a free download of the Let’s Give Thanks TOGETHER, please email abeautifulgraceco@gmail.com


6 thoughts on “61 Days

  1. I would ❤️ the download! Thank you so much, Tathel, for this BEAUTIFUL article.❤️🙏🏻

    You are a BLESSING!

    On Fri, Oct 30, 2020 at 8:03 PM a beautiful grace wrote:

    > Tathel Miller posted: ” I’ve heard it said, ‘I can’t wait until 2020 is > over. Done.’ But how is it we wish our days away when every precious moment > of life is an undeserved gift? It’s been a hard year. October is ending > tomorrow. The calendar turns one more page and si” >


    1. Thank you Melissa! I sent it to your FB through private messenger. Please let me know if you didn’t get it. You are a huge blessing and inspiration to me. Love and hugs and prayers.


  2. Tathel, As always your gift of writing touches my heart. I would love the download. Thanks for reminding us of all that is precious even during a pandemic. Love you, dear friend. Jenner


  3. Tathel,
    Your words are such a blessing. God has giving you the gift of love and sharing His word through you and what most people would call “everyday stuff.” I want a downloadable copy if you don’t mind.
    Sherry Jo

    Liked by 1 person

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