His Coming. Christmas Devotional. What is our gift to Jesus this Christmas morning?

In the humble Mary and Joseph heard this baby’s first cry and this gift they had been given changed their entire being.  And the gift was not theirs alone.  God’s baby boy was a gift to all the world

For the heart of God loved and He gave.



For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

And on the chill of this Christmas morning, two thousand plus years since the birth of Christ—the sky has this lavendar glow and the Son is rising in the eastern sky.  Just what is our gift to Jesus?  How are we giving to Him?


Are we praising God as Mary and Elisabeth?

Are we willing to drop everything and hurry in haste to see Jesus as the Shepherds?

Are we following the light of Jesus as the Wise Men?

Are we serving in silence with love, deeds, devotion as Joseph?

Are we obeying God without question–with faith and trust as Mary?

Are we dedicating our lives to Christ in fasting and praying as Anna?

Are we allowing our eyes to see salvation in Jesus as Simeon?

Are we listening as Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds, Elisabeth, the Wise Men, Simeon, Anna?

Are we being thankful as Simeon and Anna–telling others of the Savior?

How are we giving to Jesus?  What are our gifts to others in His name?

There came in my mailbox this yellow envelope from an unfamiliar address and inside were cards–many cards from students. And their teacher, she’s teaching them kindness by the giving of the simple gifts to others.  And these gifts will I forever cherish.



Our most precious gifts aren’t wrapped in ribbons and bows, only in love. 

Thanking God for His many gifts this Christmas morning. 

Merry Christmas! 




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